Five factors wearable device towards the mass mark

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Every day, companies have a number of engineers in the dream the next great product. Wearable device walking down the popularity of the road. Google glasses, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, as well as rumors of Apple iWatch, wearable device is only tip of the iceberg.

Wearable device will be more soon become part of everyday life depends on how fast we were able to resolve obstacles to wearable devices to the mass market. The following is my summary of five factors.

1. Prices

Single deputy Google glasses is priced at $ 1,500. And expensive wearable products and even make an early adopter of electronic equipment at arm's length. If you want your popular product, then you have to provide a consumer can afford to pay the price. To do this, you have to rethink the production processes, to encourage developers to experiment, to replace or improve the most consuming and expensive wearable device components. For example, display, power, and connectivity.

2. Power

If you want to wearable device in the middle of the day off to their charge, that would be quite inconvenient. Wireless technology will allow long-distance charge wearable device, without the need to plug it in a fixed power charger.

Energy harvesting (energy harvesting) will also be allowed to collect energy through motion and heat. If you want to wearable devices become part of our lives for a long time natural, effective solution to the power problem is essential.

3. view

This is a considerable confusion, what kind of work is most suited for existing equipment, what kind of work is most suited to the new wearable device. Smart Watch encountered such a bottleneck. For many people, check e-mail on a 1.5 inches screen or answer an incoming call wristwatch compare the attractiveness smartphone 5-inch screen.

Whether wearable devices depends on our perception of it. Wearable device need to be resolved and the work performed by those specifications should be bigger, run faster, and has been recognized by the device is still not resolved and do.

4. Function

Function Google glasses raised was quite charming, but in practical everyday applications, these functions and run think? Tell a friend send text messages, take pictures, send e-mail, these functions can be achieved through voice commands, which is quite attractive. However, under the pressure of the high-frequency use, these devices can be the perfect run every day?

Problems related functions normally only time will resolve. For wearable device companies, reduce or even erase the differences between the ideal and the reality is equivalent to remove pimple on the product to them.

5. beauty

Wearable device only to do the same as the clothing sales market to become mainstream. NFC (near field communications near field communication) ring, GPS sensor shirt, or FLORA umbrella to do the people's view is equivalent to the ordinary jewelry, clothing and rain tools. Wearable device design, aesthetic factors must be considered to promote the sales of mass market.

To perfect combination of performance and design, we must encourage construction market made more professional solutions, as well as developers launched campaigns to make them use aesthetic vision to develop more acceptable without obtrusive design.

Although such a large apple and Google has been dominated by wearable technology news, but wearable not only belong to the elite. All types of businesses can be involved, and wearable devices to meet different types of people and different types of life style. The key is to find the right that paragraph.

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