Wearable smart devices and fashion collide

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Smart dress, also known as wearable device, definitions of this industry consists of two parts, namely smart + dress, which constitutes a new trend is different from the past, science and technology industry or the fashion industry. If only smart, it is not much different from the traditional IT industry, it is based on the electronic components, around the hardware and software products to create two levels of good will, to enter sales.

From the current development of the industry point of view, most of the employees in these industries are based on the traditional IT industry thinking into the smart Garments industry, this kind of thinking decision path dependency model influenced the development direction of the industry, is presented to the market is the current which performed.

The traditional way to create intelligent IT products wearable product, usually to build out the product can be called class PC or mobile phone category, mainly in technical performance and technical parameters oriented. As IT tech personnel bones are in pursuit of a so-called "technical", so dressed in smart product development process will focus on intelligence, rather than worn.

Garments can be described as a traditional fashion industry fundamental, almost all of the fashion industry or the luxury industry are in development around the wearer. From the development of human society so far, is worn in addition to room and board have been concerned about the outside, continue to be beyond the industry. The worn outside the main show in the United States as the leading, so understood as the traditional fashion industry is a synonym for the human body wearable.

Each designer fashion in the field, the bones of the pursuit is a so-called visual "beauty", the development of materials and production processes, are around the "beauty" and expand.

Traditional technology companies are usually based on technical performance products, more practical consideration is the performance of the product, the pursuit of hard performance; and more fashion brands are focused on the visual beauty and added value, the pursuit of a soft performance . Both logic sales in the market has a more obvious differences, most of the traditional science and technology-oriented company is the manufacturing cost of sales rules to pricing; and most of the fashion industry is the additional value-oriented rules to sales pricing.

Fashion: selling feelings

Past the traditional technology companies like textile, focusing on the cloth well, and then on the pounds and dollars on the way rice prices, while fashion brands like garment factories, fabric prices weakened through fashion, aesthetic design, highlights the fashion value , to paraphrase words, selling feelings.

Apple Smart Watch by a large scale introduction of the fashion industry's top designers move, as well as LV, Swatch, Victoria's Secret, Swarovski and other fashion industry has entered the field of influence wearable devices, domestic enterprises from the first half of 2014, awareness to the development of intelligent wearable technology industry in addition to the fight outside, probably will shift the focus from the past is a good technique for fashion direction.

Especially in the industrial chain technology is not mature, the device is still in the form of rapid extension, expansion, optimization stage, the fashion will be a powerful supplement. In my opinion, combined with intelligent wearable and fashion industry will be largely out of the current predicament, especially when combined with clothes, shoes, glasses, earrings, earrings, necklaces, jewelry, bags, underwear, etc., so that fashion beauty of women in the pursuit of beauty and health while the US data, visualization.

At least in the current Smart Garments industry is still unable to provide sufficient technological experience better for users, feelings and help, that can not realize the value of hard amplification techniques by means of fashion to create value for its soft least allows entrepreneurs to die slowly.

Technology is available through quantization parameter, and by using the experience; and grafting and fashion, this is a beauty impossible to quantify the level of emotional value. Therefore, the wearable device practitioners who, compared to health care, household or industrial, or fashion will lead intelligent wearable lead off.

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