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1. They need better functionality

There are many smart sensor wristband is actually wrapped up in a layer of plastic on the market. Their function and configuration are very limited for those who use only a few weeks, but after turning a blind eye is thrown aside, this type of equipment is prepared for them. Many of these devices are not expensive, for producers, consumers grass is always greener mentality has become their cash cow. However, with the 2015 maturity of the wearable device, this situation will change, this equipment will not sell.

Many users have already purchased or throw away their first wearable device. However, they also want the second paragraph of the device to provide more functionality. In the past few months, we have seen companies such as wearable device fitbit and jawbone began issuing new equipment, they have more sensors, more sophisticated algorithms to collect and process the user's biometric data. These new features will be the 2015 competition of the new wearable device chips. They may not be 100% accurate, but consumers expect them to come. Manufacturers also are starting to integrate similar features Smart Watch style sports wristband, such as displaying a notification from the smartphone.

2. They need to be more comfortable

It sounds a bit too picky. However, this is not a small problem. We may be in day and night, in the gym, in bed are wearing wearable devices, so they must be comfortable wearing. Many wearable device worn on the wrist to make people feel uncomfortable. For example, when we started to try Microsoft's smart strap just you might feel it is worn on the wrist more "stiff." In addition, when this device if the drops of sweat, the touch screen sensitivity will decline.

Smart Watch manufacturers need to do more in-depth study of wristbands product material, and make bold innovations in election materials.

3. The design needs to be improved

Many of this year to enter the market have hit low-cost wearable device. For example, the price of millet mi just $ 13. Aesthetics does not seem in the first place, cheap wearable device usually looks very low grade, just like toy.

At the same time, high-end sports wristbands and smart watches are usually relatively large head, body relatively bulky. Such devices also present aesthetic issues, but they hit the technology. Such devices have many functions, equipment parts and components large size, the need for greater capacity battery do support. But it is also the reason why they are bulky. Lithium-ion battery will not revolutionize the smart watch battery capacity. Manufacturers need to increase investment in research, seeking some possible alternatives. This problem is not solved, it will affect the entire smart watch industry.

4. Related Information

Sometimes, we may use multiple health devices, such as smart scales, nutrition tracker, sleep and exercise tracking wristband. We can open all the matching application software, then read carefully all the relevant data, such as the number of steps collected, sleep time, calendar and so on. But how do we deal with these data?

Generally, wearable device will generate a lot of data, but they can not give us the relevant information can be used. Equipment may give us a resting heart rate data, but it is in a dangerous state can not give us tips on heart rate. For an athlete, he was in the training process, in the eyes of ordinary people for whom the risk of heart rate is normal. We hope that the 2015 Smart Watch manufacturers to find better ways to provide some practical uses of associated information.

5. Application software for easy operation

Some with a wearable device using the application software design is relatively poor, even difficult to see or understand the information they collect. If the application is difficult to read and understand, the device also basically useless. Because the user biometric data are usually presented in tabular form or image, the application software must therefore make full use of screen space to display such data. However, the reality is, it is difficult to see it all.

Data show that in 2015 sports and wellness wearable devices will usher in the explosive. As a wearable device company ceo said, the device will become easier to operate, and the price is lower. Market is very mature.

Ebb Tide hope the competition can filter out some of the "lower" players. We expect that in 2015, the wearable device can have more features and much more comfortable feel.

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