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According to foreign media reports, the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Thailand · Wattana Valentine Ge Gan army recently said that the country may be distributed identification wristbands to visitors. Earlier in September, two British tourists in Thailand killing, once again raised concerns about the safety of tourists.

Wattana Valentine army said, for distributing wristbands to visitors in order to assist in trouble for missing or visitors for identification such thoughts, she had been discussing with a number of hotels.

"Visitors will be issued a wristband when you check into the hotel, the above have to prove their identity where the same serial number and the resort's contact details, so if they go out to play late, such as drunk or lost, can easily assistance, "Wattana Valentine military said.

"The next step will be some type of electronic tracking devices, but this has not yet been discussed in detail."

She reported that she admitted distribute wristbands to visitors the idea has been met with some resistance. "Most people welcomed the idea, but some worry the hotel visitors may not want to take the wristband."

Thai authorities expressed concern about the impact on tourism tourists died. Tourism accounts for nearly 10% of Thailand's GDP.

According to reports, September 15, the bodies of two British tourists on Turtle Island beaches to be found.

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